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        One Of These Days

        (麥克瘋樂團)  來自于麥克瘋樂團的專輯:《MICappella Reloaded
        麥克瘋樂團這張專輯共有11首歌曲,One Of These Days是第10首歌曲。點這里查看更多麥克瘋樂團好聽的歌

        One Of These Days (English)

        One Of These Days (English)
        One Of These Days (英文版)
        作曲:黃烈傳, 唐達
        One of these days
        Whatever we know, could be lost forever in a moment
        One of these days
        I’m done pretending, forever never lasted anyway
        Can’t hold onto the moment
        We’re moving backwards but nothing changes
        Changes, oh nothing changes
        We keep on trying but we fail
        Tell me why
        Why the time just never seems to be right
        Yell me why
        Why it’s so hard just to open our eyes/ see the light
        Tell me
        Everything we had, how did it ever fade away
        Nothing can replace, oh every time you that you would say
        I, love you more than anything in life
        Why why oh why why won't you tell me why
        It’s all gone and I can never say goodbye
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